Our workflow is heavily centered around Universal Audio's Apollo, and console app. Our roots are grounded in digital production, songwriting, programming, and in the box mixing. We love all things old, vintage, boutique, and analog; therefore we use a hybrid of old and new, with the ease and integration of modern technology. Our goal is to always deliver you the strongest product, while also staying on budget and working efficiently to maximize your time and resources in the studio. The Apollo is an amazing piece of hardware that allows us to deliver projects on time, and with the most flexibility. Over the course of the last 5 years the Apollo has become the standard work horse for mixers, producers, engineers, and songwriters. We're always looking to find a common language with all types of creators in the music industry, so we offer that compatibility and consistency through the Apollo. 


In line with our interface, we keep our workflow simple yet powerful by utilizing Logic Pro X to it's maximum potential. For artists, songwriting, production and mixing we generally stay in Logic Pro X, however we do have Pro Tools on our system for engineers looking to track and work inside of Pro Tools. We love working with clients, and collaborators who share a love for Logic Pro X and are always looking to maximize efficiency by utilizing how portable and accessible Logic Pro X sessions have become over time. 


Whether it be mixing, production, or songwriting we are constantly maximizing the technology we have available to us today in this modern age of digital music production. With the Apollo, and our Universal Audio Octo, and Quad cards we're able to utilize a large number of Universal Audio UAD2 plug-ins ranging from their stellar emulations of classics by brands like: Neve, SSL, Trident, Helios, API, Harrison, Roland, Lexicon, Shadow Hills, Pultec to name a few. On the other side of the plug in spectrum are more traditional plug-ins with their own unique sound ranging from our Waves Mercury bundle with classics like: L1 Limiter, C6, the Renaissance Bundle, CLA's plug in suite, and so forth. Because you can never have too many plug ins, we're constantly exploring our deep library of Sound Toys, XLN Audio, Steven Slate Digital, Native Instruments and other tools of the trade that allow us to make music faster, and easier than ever. We firmly believe that by investing in plug ins, we are providing our clients more of an opportunity to get their ideas out of their brain and onto Spotify more quickly than ever. 


We have multiple analog pre amps we use, BAE's 312 Vintage API, Vintech’s 473, A-Designs REDDI (DI) and Universal Audio's SOLO 610 tube mic pre and DI. With the Apollo, we have access to 4 digital built in pre's that have potential to be utilized as unison technology pre amps with our deep catalog of UAD plug ins. 


Our favorite microphone, most used on all types of vocalists, for songwriting, vocal production, and live sessions is the Shure SM7b. We also have a wide collection of microphones tailored for our space to get the best out of every artist in any type of genre: Telefunken AR-57, AEA R92, Cascade Fathead II, SM57, Beyerdynamic M201 as well as a number other work horse dynamic microphones. 

Our vintage collection includes microphones from: Altec "Salt Shaker" 633A, AKG D190E (2), Electro-Voice 625A, and an Electro-Voice 312.  


Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic

Rickenbacker 360-6 string Electric

Fender Telecaster Electric

Fender Jaguar Electric

Epiphone SG

Vintage Harmony Acoustic Guitar 

Vintage Harmony Electric Guitar


5 Piece Ludwig Maple Custom Drum Kit

4 Piece Rogers 360 Vintage Drum Kit with Vintage Ride and Hi Hat Pair

1967 Ludwig (22” x 16” Kick, 13” x 10” Rack Tom, 16” x 16” Floor Tom)

1970's Ludwig Superphonic Snare

Steel Gretsch 14” x 6.5” Snare

Meinl Byzance Benny Greb Sand Collection

Meinl Byzance 18” Crash

Meinl 20” Medium Thin Dry Ride

Meinl 21” Medium Traditional Crash

Zildjan A Custom Collection 

Vintage Paiste Hi Hats